We have one mission – driving value creation for our clients through superior leadership talent. Leaders that achieve your vision, execute your strategy and deliver the results you expect – and more. We have one market focus: companies that build sales, market share, earnings and value through direct customer service.  That includes restaurants, hospitality, franchising, retail and other consumer service industries.

Founded in 1999, Thomas Paige International has grown into a leading executive search firm with a reputation built on measured results: superior business performance by our clients. How do we do that?

  • We understand your industry – what drives results and value creation. We’ve been on the front-lines. We’ve been in the Board Rooms. And in-between.
  • We partner with you to identify the outcomes you should expect from the role – and what talent it will take to deliver those results. Then we go get it.
  • We know the talent in your industry. It’s where we hunt. And we know the difference between “A” talent – and good talent. Good is not good enough.
  • We move fast (remember, your industry is where we hunt – we already know where the talent is hiding).  We aren’t starting from scratch. We are always running.
  • We build trust by being open and transparent – with our clients and candidates. That trust closes the deal with the right candidate for you – and represents your brand with integrity.

The current economy has created the perception that the market is flooded with highly qualified talent.  But we know this is make-believe.   There is never enough top talent and, in tough times, companies hold on even tighter to their best people to weather the storm.  So when you have a critical leadership need, it is even harder to find (and more importantly – get) the right person.

We partner with our clients to deliver game-changing results through the right leadership talent. We don’t fill jobs. We bring you leadership talent that makes your business stronger every day. That’s our promise. Nothing less will do.”

—Tom Spry, President
Thomas Paige International

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